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Health and Safety

  • Take your dog for a veterinary check up and make sure he is up to date on all vaccinations and has no health complications that would inhibit exercise. If your dog is lame, ill, or has joint problems, he will not be allowed to race.
  • All dogs must be at least 1 year old on race day. Puppies are still developing their muscle and motor skills and are at higher risk for injury.
  • All dogs MUST be kept on a leash at ALL times, even before and after the race and in the festival booth areas. Please use a standard leash. No retractable leashes allowed. If you need to do something that requires both hands and are unable to keep your dog secure, please find an UltiMutt staff member or volunteer and we will be happy to hold your dog while you complete your quick task.
  • A harness rather than a collar is highly recommended! The leash should be attached to the harness rather than the dog’s collar. If you slip during the race, you could cause injury to your dog’s neck. We also recommend a hands-free leash allowing you to run uninhibited through the obstacles and during everyday training. To get a free, custom harness and leash fitting for your dog, visit our friends at Greenville, SC’s Brown Bear Barkery & Outfitter to find the perfect fit!
  • NEVER force a dog to complete an obstacle. This race is about strengthening you and your dog’s bond of trust and teamwork, therefore in order to succeed, you must both consent to work together. If your dog doesn’t want to complete an obstacle and you’re running in a non-competitive category, simply go around it or hand your leash to an obstacle attendant while you complete the obstacle yourself. However, if your dog doesn’t want to complete an obstacle and you are running in a competitive category, step to the side in the designated area and you must complete 30 squats before moving on.

Training for UltiMutt

Check out these training videos from our sponsor to prepare your dog for the UltiMutt Race obstacles.

To ensure you and your dog can go “beast mode” on race day, we recommend reading the health and safety information and training plans below.

Download 2.5k Plan Download 5k Plan

Training Tips Quick List

  • Take your dog for a vet check up to make sure he is fit enough to race.
    Regular exercise routines make happy race day dogs & humans! It’s no fun to run a race you’re not prepared for.
  • Make sure to warm up before exercising more intensely with your dog and before the race.
  • Don’t feed your dog right before exercise. Limit the amount of treats consumed.
  • Make sure to always bring water when exercising your dog. Even on cool days, dogs take a longer time to cool down than humans.
  • Make sure your dog’s panting has stopped, his breathing is back to normal, he is cooled off, and your car’s A/C is going before loading up in the car after exercise.
  • Make sure your dog is used to running on different types of terrains. If you are teaching your dog to jump over obstacles, have patience, keep it fun, and make sure he has a soft surface to land on.
  • Never force a dog to do an obstacle or run faster than he seems comfortable. The best way to increase your dog’s speed is to practice regular exercise to gradually build his endurance.